Best Deal Tips


To save you time and money, we thought we would share a few tips to help you get the best deal…quicker.

HWL reduce costs by operating without the cost of a showroom, stock and warehouse.  Your order is dispatched from our central distribution centre.

In fact, this centre serves all Baumhaus retailers and holds virtually ALL STOCK.  So, chances are if one retailer shows low stock, this applies to all of us.  The recent Covid-19 restrictions have affected manufacturing and shipping worldwide.  As you would expect, stocks are currently lower than normal whilst we await new incoming stock.

Products sell fast, often selling out whilst new stock is being shipped to us.  If an item is shown as out of stock do not wait until it reappears in stock.  We and others are selling that item as it is sailing to our UK port.  Popularity often means incoming stock is SOLD OUT before it even arrives.

We recommend placing an order now.  This secures inbound stock now and with Hot Wish List you can cancel your order for a FULL REFUND at any point before delivery.

Our Lowest Price Guarantee means.. well you get the idea.  If you see what appears to be a great deal, just ask us and we will aim to beat it.  Especially when looking for more than one item.

HWL Prices are honest.  Year round we sell for fixed prices, never inflated before a SALE like others may do.  So any discount is real and a bonus.

Not sure about a product?.  We offer Free samples of many of our popular wood samples and fabrics for you to view at home before you buy.

As you would imagine, a ship with new stock sailing from the Far east can take 10 weeks to arrive in the UK.  It may have left 9 weeks ago, so if no stock is shown, message us or chat as we can check the due date and often give a better due date.

Bundles mean we can deliver multiple products together, reducing our costs against several deliveries.  It makes sense to reward bundles, which we do with an extra 5% discount (which should help you buy more goodies).

Have a question?.  We prefer a phone call to an email, please call us today on 07970 616283